CRBT Platform on Cloud!

Save Costs & Improve Profits!!

Traditional mobile VAS services including CRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone) are witnessing a significant decline in adoption and revenues in the recent past in majority of markets globally. CRBT was, a few years ago, one of the greatest success stories in the mobile VAS domain generating very high VAS revenues and a high ROI for MNOs and mobile VAS vendors. Many MNOs deployed CRBT software platform on a CAPEX model wherein the software was bought on an annual or perpetual license fee and the MNOs also made significant investments in hardware and other infrastructure cost related to hosting. There are also costs related to technical support via AMC and costs towards people managing the network and operations.

Recently, due to declining revenues on CRBT services, many MNOs are finding it to unviable continue paying annual license fee and AMC costs. The infrastructure cost for hardware and hosting facility is also becoming a burden on the ROI.


World Phone IT Services (WPITS) being in the forefront of mobile VAS platform & services realized the recent trends and planned to offer some of its key platforms including the CRBT platform as a PaaS (Platform as a Service) on a cloud deployment. We already have one such successful telco deployment for CRBT platform on a cloud tightly integrated with the operator’s eco system. WPITS is looking at other MNOs to offer CRBT platform on cloud and help them with end-to-end deployment including migration from existing platform and eventually help MNOs achieve signification savings in costs and increase their profitability.

Key Features to the MNOs:

  • No more annual license & AMC costs for the platform
  • Release & re-deploy all hardware servers & hosting to enhance ROI
  • ‘Pay as you go’ with monthly fixed fees or revenue share
  • Future proofing payouts in a declining revenue environment
  • WPITS takes care of migration from existing platform
  • AMC charges included in monthly fee or revenue share
  • Pure IP based and MNO grade robust platform
  • Highly robust and feature rich CRBT platform
  • Secure and private cloud for each operator
  • Flexibility & operational agility
  • Better business continuity