CRBT is the short form of ‘Caller Ring Back Tone’ and this value added service for the mobile operators has been of immense success in the recent years helping service providers to generate phenomenal subscription based revenues. This VAS service enables to choose their favourite song/piece of music which then pays out to all their callers instead of the classic phone ring.

The subscriber can select the song from a huge library which is available on the service provider’s portals. The portals are arranged systematically by music genres and categories and with a search function helping the user to discover what they are looking for with ease. There are several other features which are enabled for making the service a lot more interesting and compelling. For example, the subscriber can select several songs and each of these songs can be assigned to specific callers by their mobile numbers. In this case, based on the calling mobile number, the specific assigned song pays out.

The platform also offers additional functionalities like enabling downloads, creating song shuffle pools, start and end the services as desired. The service discovery and activation/deactivation can be enabled via several access technologies like Web, Wap, Music Apps, Self-Care Apps, SMS, IVR or USSD.

WPITS CRBT platform also has a built-in profile manager which keeps records of the user’s subscription details like start of subscription, subscription plan (Default, Caller ID, Time, Shuffle, etc.) subscription renewal, tone subscription and tone renewal. Our CRBT platform can also enable a built-in subscription manager or can be seamlessly integrated to a third party subscription engine which may already be available at the mobile operator end.

Key Features:

  • Registration & Termination
  • Pre-listen & selection
  • Default CRBT for all callers
  • Specific Caller based CRBT Selection
  • Time Based CRBT Selection
  • Shuffle CRBT Selection
  • Album CRBT Selection
  • User Generated CRBT – Voice

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