DeepTrack - Device Info

WPITS DeepTrack Device Info solution is extremely powerful platform for gathering real-time insight from subscriber's device while it is on the network. Once deployed on a mobile network, it is capable of capturing 50+ device parameters which can be used to improve network usage experience of the subscriber. The system can also be used as revenue enhancing platform by understanding the browsing pattern and profile of the user and then pushing personalized rich media promotional advertisements. DeepTrack platform also enables real-time device info of network-locked and the open market data dongles and captures several network parameters which help the service provider to

offer better services and user experience. The system also helps enhance data usage and advertising revenues. Data Fields like service status, call location, SIM Serial No., Service Provider Name, MEIDN, MDN, OS Details, Signal Strength etc. can be fetched with DeepTrack solution.

Key Features:

  • Single solution for all OTA / FOTA / DM / EIR
  • Supports both GSM, CDMA and 4G mobile devices
  • Captures user browsing patterns used for subscriber profiling
  • Helps user profile based personalized promotions and advertisements
  • Tracking of network locked and open market data dongles
  • Identifying the number of users connected on the Wi-Fi data dongles

Benefits to Telcos:

  • Enables major growth in data revenues
  • Huge saving on customer support costs, reduced AHT
  • Significantly enhanced advertising revenues
  • Automatic configuration of 4G devices