Mobi Screen

Mobi Screen is a highly innovative content promotion platform for Advertisers and Media Industry. The solution enables push of rich media advertising content including videos & images. This WPITS patented technology has been designed to maximize eyeball capture as well as high engagement of subscribers with video content. The key differentiator of Mobi Screen compared to other video based platforms is that this application can be configured to play the video content on every incoming call or SMS or both. The user setting panel on the application gives the control to the subscriber to select the extent of viewing he/she desires.

The solution is based on the client server topology wherein the client works as a sniffer and whenever an incoming call comes on to the mobile device, it plays out the ad video or image.

Mobi Screen is a powerful tool for Media companies to promote video snippets / trailers / songs previews of to be released movies, TV serials where users can view videos and listen to songs,


dialogues etc. Mobi Screen can also be used as a voting platform for users to cast vote for their favorite candidate etc.

Advertisers can use Mobi Screen to push discount coupons, new product promotions and enhance their traction and customer experience.

News TV Channels can push breaking news videos/ snippets to their existing application users by integrating Mobi Screen in their existing mobile application. The innovation lies in the insertion of ads in the news video which is potentially a high revenue generator.

Key Features:

  • Powerful reporting engine
  • No buffering of video content
  • Click to action connects the subscribers with the content providers
  • Watch ads and get discounts model
  • Campaign manager for content scheduling & managing multiple campaigns

Key benefits:

  • Rich media video content for viewing and downloading
  • Revenue generation from content download and ad insertion in videos
  • Promotion of government initiatives vis video push
  • Maximum eye ball capture with measurable results
  • User awareness using a high engagement yet cost effective medium