BZeeB (OTT Chat Solution)

BZeeB is an innovative OTT communication solution for enterprises enabling full-fledged mobility while enabling secured, closed loop, internal communication channel using mobile devices. The platform is fully secure within the organization and its extended arms & partners. The communication is instant and via text, voice and file/document sharing. Enterprises having employee's onsite and field staff in remote locations anywhere globally can use the platform and benefit with instant communication.

The user interface is a user friendly mobile application which communicates via a secure central server which can be hosted onsite by our customers or take advantage of our cloud based service.

Enterprises can create internal and external groups and assign different rights to these groups. Then broadcast different messages in different groups. Employees can broadcast their messages within their groups based on the authorized rights. The communication can be one2one or one2many.


The platform offers powerful flat file sharing option and users can share several useful file types like PDF, excel, word, PPT, images & videos.

WPITS team works closely with its enterprise customers to do an in-depth customer need analysis and understands the client's internal communication strategy and then offer a 'best fit' solution customized to meet the exact requirements.

Key Features:

  • Controlled access to internal users
  • Supports text, voice, images, videos, excel, word, PPT & PDF
  • Extremely cost effective and works on existing mobile devices
  • Highly secure system
  • Robust and scalable solution
  • Onsite and cloud deployment options

Key Benefits:

  • Instant multimedia internal communication
  • Enables full mobility globally
  • Highly cost effective solution
  • Low initial and running costs
  • Significant savings on internal calls – local, STD and ISD
  • Faster customization for different requirements