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World Phone IT Services, part of World Phone group of companies, is focused on developing and delivering innovative mobility enabled solutions for Telecom, Enterprise and Media Verticals in the industry.


We engage with our clients to deploy customized and 'best fit' solutions that enhance consumer experience and have a direct impact on enhanced revenues generation for our customers.


We offer flexible client engagement models with long term partnering approach and help our customers with cost effective & outstanding results.

Headquartered in India, WPITS addresses several global regions and markets like Indian Subcontinent, rest of Asia, Middle East and Africa. WPITS research and development center is located at Gurgaon in India with sales and support offices in India and UAE.

At WPITS ‘customers first’ is an integral part of our DNA and we work towards long-lasting customer relationships. Our vast industry experience and domain expertise enable us to deliver robust, scalable and secure solutions with unmatched performance. Our key strengths include customized solutions, faster delivery and flexible commercial models. We provide a ‘Connected Services Framework’ around mobility, embedded systems, cloud computing, big data and social computing to help our customers meet their diverse business objectives.

Technological breakthroughs and innovations are a way of life at WPITS. This has helped us with two technology patents in a very short span of time.

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Digital Business Support System (BSS) – Our advanced and feature-rich Digital Business Support System empowers Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to maximize Customer Lifetime Value, thus enhancing revenue streams. It’s built on a Microservice Cloud Native architecture, which can be deployed as an integrated solution or as individual silos. This solution is fully compliant with the demands of next-generation 5G and LTE+ networks.


Billing System & Mediation Gateway – We offer a comprehensive billing solution tailored for wireless, ISP, and VoIP service providers. With a secure and scalable cloud-based billing platform, Telcos can efficiently manage customer accounts, subscriptions, automate activations, rate service usage, and oversee the entire customer lifecycle, among other functionalities.

ECRM (Enterprise Customer Relationship Management) – Our CRM solution comprises multiple components that facilitate end-to-end customer management. It records and tracks all customer transactions, enables automated and user-defined follow-ups, manages tickets, and provides robust MIS/Dashboards for effective insights.

Digital Identity/eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) – Our Digital Identity Solution is designed with a distributed layer, seamlessly integrating with both traditional and blockchain-based networks. The DI eKYC solution caters to telecom, private, and public sector use cases, incorporating last-mile biometrics and document verification techniques. This is achieved through AI and pattern recognition methods, ensuring robust face recognition and liveliness checks.

Revenue Assurance & Fraud Management System – Our comprehensive system includes anomaly detection, usage monitoring, dunning processes, and fraud management tools. It offers the necessary checks and balances to accurately meter and monitor customer usage while safeguarding against fraudulent activities.

Provisioning and Mediation – Our unified platform seamlessly operates across heterogeneous communication platforms and legacy telecom systems, providing a cohesive and efficient solution for provisioning and mediation.