People around the world are expected to make 726 billion transactions using digital payment technologies by the year 2020, according to a study. The research found that emerging markets were leading the upward trend, and predicts technology innovations on mobile payments such as QR Code based mobile payments; Fingerprint/Iris Scan mobile payments in emerging markets will drive cashless transactions in the future. The smartphones are becoming cheaper by the day leading to an accelerated penetration in cost sensitive emerging economies. Compared to Card and NFC based payments, the QR Code and Biometrics scan eliminates the need for expensive POS terminals, NFC

readers and other such devices making mobile payments affordable event for the mom & pop small stores, individual professionals and all kinds of billers and merchants. A simple low cost smart phone is all that is required by merchants to accept mobile payments.

Mobi Pay from WPITS is a mobile payments platform especially designed for the emerging economies and is a holistic system with open APIs for integrations with external systems like Banks, Payment Gateways, Mobile Money service providers, e-Wallet systems etc. It is a ‘any to any’ system capable of debiting any integrated systems and crediting any integrated system. The configurable commission module in the middle manages crediting commissions based on business rules.

Key Features:

Pay from : Mobile Money Account, Wallet Account, Bank Account, Credit Card Account, Debit Card or directly from Bank Account, from MNO account etc.
Pay to : Merchants, Billers, Online Stores, Pre-paid Top Up, Utility Payments, Toll, Parking, School Fee, Individuals, Home delivery etc.
Single payment from multiple accounts
Payments can be authorized in a seamless single-step process
Minimum two factor authentication
QR Code based payments
Biometric Fingerprint Scan authentication
Biometric Iris Scan authentication
LBS capability to identify payment location
Mobi Pay Apps for Android & iOS
Social Media integration

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