World Phone location based suite is a useful solution for the enterprises and benefits them in increasing their field force effectiveness. Enterprises can track and share requests to their field employees and can send alerts and received their daily reports.

WPITS LBS comprises of location tracker, GEO map and applications which are available in the portal form, which user can subscribe and consume.The World Phone design of the system focuses on the degree of accuracy in targeting the user location.World Phone utilizes satellite positioning, indoor positioning; network based positioning in its LBS architecture.

The services can be both push and pull based. Location based ads is push based service to which the user might have register where as requesting a location of place of interest is a pull based service.

Key Features:

  • Fleet Management
  • Sales force management
  • Traffic guides
  • Offline tracking through cell ID and appropriation through MAP if API exposed
  • High quality maps

Key Benefits:

  • Role based Login
  • Multiple map API integration
  • Real time location tracking with map accuracy
  • Dashboard and task reports
  • In app notification
  • Track vehicles, send alerts, job requests, schedules

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