USSD channels have been a highly appreciated channel for GSM operators and devices. GSM operators have successfully leveraged the channel with many high revenue generating VAS services and have also used this channel for an extremely cost effective way of enabling ‘Self Care’ portals for significantly enhanced customer satisfaction. Due to lack of USSD support on CDMA networks thus far, CDMA operators have missed out on leveraging the opportunity.

WPITS has achieved a major technological breakthrough by creating a technology which enables CDMA networks to offer USSD services. The WPITS USSD gateway thus supports both GSM and CDMA networks. The user experience on CDMA networks is the same as it is found on GSM.

World Phone has developed a unified USSD core which handles the USSD DBM originating from the MS and also serves the request originating from the non USSD compliant Mobile Device. The invention facilitates the USSD service functionality in CDMA 1X & 2X type of networks and the system is unique for porting and initiating CDMA based USSD sessions for 1X & 2X compliant networks.

Key Features:

  • USSD Phase I and Phase II support
  • CDMA 1X / CDMA 2000 supported
  • Menu does not reside on user handsets or SIM cards, hence menu updates are easy
  • Interactive menu creation and real time reporting

Benefits to Telcos:

  • Seamless experience on feature & smart phones
  • Unified gateway for hybrid operation (GSM / CDMA)
  • Push and pull VAS services for revenue generation
  • Self-Care USSD portal, helps slash customer care costs

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