The Video RBT (Video Ring Back Tone) solution catalyzes the cutting-edge evolution of traditional ringback tones. With VRBT, when a VoLTE video call is initiated, the calling party gets to enjoy video clips on their native handset screen that have been subscribed and customised by the called party. The solution is network based and doesn’t use any OTT application to portray the videos.

Key features of VRBT:

Personalization: VRBT subscribers can customize the calling experience for the caller by setting a music video clip or even their own video clip as their ring back tone.

Engaging Experience: When someone calls a VRBT user, they have the opportunity to watch a video until the user answers the phone. This adds an engaging and entertaining aspect to the calling process.

In essence, VRBT enhances the user experience by adding visual content to phone calls, making them more interactive and enjoyable for both the caller and the called party.

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