BZeeB is an innovative OTT communication solution for Telcos to offer their customers full-fledged mobility with an additional feature of subscribing to additional Value added services. The communication is instant and via text, voice and file/document sharing. Telcos have a huge opportunity to earn revenues from VAS services promotion and data usage. Solution offers users to connect with Telco representatives via chat or call feature.

The user interface is a user friendly mobile application which communicates via a secure central server which can be hosted onsite by Telcos or take advantage of our cloud based service. BZeeB also provides VOIP calling feature in addition to chat.

 Telcos can broadcast messages to their users on the chat session and save huge SMS costs. BZeeB can be integrated with Telco mobile wallets and payment gateway and offered as a customized chat solution with buy/sell products functionality. User is benefitted as the communications are secured and within a closed group.

Key Features:

  • Controlled access to users
  • Supports text, voice, images, videos, excel, word, PPT & PDF
  • Extremely cost effective and works on smart mobile devices
  • Support all major mobile operating systems
  • Robust and scalable solution
  • Onsite and cloud deployment options

Key Benefits:

  • Connectivity with operator customer services
  • VAS promotion with real time updating of services
  • High quality voice experience for VOIP calls
  • SMSC Connectivity:- This often is use to enable notification in IN system
  • Faster customization for different requirements

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