Mobi Screen is a highly innovative mobile advertising platform for Telcos enabling push of rich media ad content including videos. This WPITS patented technology has been designed to maximize eyeball capture as well as high engagement of subscribers with video based ad content. The key differentiator of Mobi Screen compared to other video based ad platforms is that this application can be configured to play the ad video on every incoming call or SMS or both. The user setting panel on the application gives the control to the subscriber to select the extent of ad viewing he/she desires.

The application will work very effectively on a permission based ad model and also rewards for the subscribers on viewing the ads. The platform, in addition to video ads, also supports images, voice and SMS based campaigns.

The solution is based on the client server topology wherein the client works as a sniffer and whenever the incoming call comes on to the device, it pop ups an advertisement which is different with every incoming call.

Mobi Screen solution is also supported by a powerful campaign manager platform for campaign programming and managing multiple campaigns on the same system. A powerful reporting engine is available to generate reports to claim ad revenues. The reporting engine can effectively capture not only delivery of new videos or images but also number of video & image views.

Key Features:

  • Powerful reporting engine
  • No buffering of video ads
  • Click to action connects the subscribers with the advertisers
  • Watch ads and earn points model for mobiles and dongles
  • Campaign manager for ad scheduling& managing multiple ad campaigns

Benefits to Telcos:

  • Rich media advertising with videos, banners and running tickers
  • Cost effective mass media advertising
  • Maximum eye ball capture with measurable results
  • Campaigns based on user profiling

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