WPITS Service Delivery Platform for mobile VAS is a comprehensive platform enabling mobile operators to launch and sustain profitable content services. The platform manages intake and developer relations, manages content pricing, creates branded subscriber store fronts and provides flexible purchase models & marketing tools along with the delivery of all types of mobile content over any all mobile channels.

WPITS SDP offers functionalities like multi content downloading, streaming media, subscriber device management, open configurable interfaces with triple play functionality for mobile, PC and TV content acquisition and delivery.

WPITS SDP consists of all required modules like CMS, Charging Gateway, Billing, Subscription Engine, SMS gateway, IVR, USSD gateway etc.

Key Features:

  • Portal framework – seamless presence on WAP/ Web / ODPs
  • Automatic Device Detection -The platform shows only specific device compatible contents
  • Multi content downloading
  • Carrier grade performance and scalability
  • Content provider management
  • Flexible content packaging & pricing
  • Advanced search capabilities

Benefits to Telcos:

  • Speedy deployment thus Reduced Time to Market
  • Both On-deck and Off-deck content offerings
  • End to end content lifecycle management from ingestion to expiry
  • Open and configurable interfaces
  • User friendly GUIs for all actors in the ecosystem
  • Dynamic bit rate adaptation for video streaming
  • Advertisement module for revenue generation
  • Geo targeting and blocking
  • Powerful Reporting & MIS tools

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