cRBT (Caller Ring Back Tone) stands out as a lucrative value-added service for mobile operators, yielding substantial subscription-based revenues. It empowers subscribers to replace the traditional phone ring with their preferred songs or music for callers to enjoy.


Key highlights of CRBT:


Music Library: Subscribers have access to an extensive music library categorized by genres and themes, providing a wide selection.
Custom Assignments: Subscribers can assign specific songs to individual callers, creating a personalized calling experience.
Enhanced Features: Users can download songs, create song shuffle playlists, and manage service activation and deactivation as per their preferences.
Legacy Access Channels: In the past, this service was traditionally accessible through legacy communication channels like SMS, IVR, Auto Dialer, and USSD.
Digital Access Channels : Services is now conveniently accessible through modern platforms, including Progressive Web Apps (PWA), dedicated mobile applications for both Android and iOS, and a Software Development Kit (SDK).

The WPITS CRBT platform encompasses a robust content management system, a subscription lifecycle management tool, comprehensive reporting capabilities, and a profile manager for overseeing subscription details, renewals, and plan options.

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