The increasing SMS traffic and applications pose major challenge to the Cellular Service Provides to manage the traffic and applications in efficient manner. Also, exposing SMS Center connectivity to the applications pose a major risk and management overhead.

WPITS Mobile Messaging Gateway (MMGw) greatly solves this problem by providing a middleware between different SMS Centers and applications.

With the MMGW in place, the operator can seamlessly connect with multiple apps at the back end with single connectivity towards the SMSC over SMPP 3.4 CIMD and JAVA APIs. It helps operators to provide faster access to content providers to start new service. It supports multiple protocols like SMPP, CIMD, MM3, MM7, WAP, etc.

The key features of MMGw are: Concurrent Multi-Protocol Support, Multi-SMS Center Support, Push & Pull Support for applications Interface, APIs in different languages, Text & Smart Messaging, APIs Persistent and reliable message delivery, Asynchronous receipts of messages, Load Balancing between multiple SMSC Batch, SMS delivery using FTP Multiple destination number support, Billing Interface and facilitates content -based billing for Mobile Originated/Terminated messages.

Telco Benefits:

  • Faster initiation of VAS services
  • Cost saving in terms of activation services
  • Persistent and reliable message delivery
  • Multi-Protocol, Multi-SMS Center Support

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