SMSC is responsible for routing and regulating the SMS operations of a wireless network. When an SMS message is sent from a mobile phone it first reaches a SMSC that will then forward the SMS message to the destination. SMSCs also store SMS messages if a recipient is unavailable. One problem with the SMS is that wireless network companies often use proprietary communication protocols making it impossible to connect between the two without the use of the SMS gateway. The SMS gateway acts as a relay between the two SMSCs and translates protocols.

Key Features
• Fault-tolerant system through highly available end-to-end framework
• Online/Offline reports and statistics collection.
• GSM, ASCII, ISO-8859-1, UCS2 and binary data coding schemes.
• Multi-language and enhanced messaging support
• Flexible Charging for originated and terminated messages.
• Retry based on DLR Alert for immediate delivery.
• Multiple network support
• Web based GUI interface for O&M
• Archival of messages for lawful interception.
• Extensive logging.
• Real-time CDR generation.
• Multiple ESME (External Short Message Entity) support over SMPP interface.
• Dynamic throttling configuration web driven
• Carrier selection can be extended to quality based.
• GSM, ASCII, ISO-8859-1, UCS2 and binary data coding schemes for bulk SMS.

Telco Benefits
• Embedded with the latest techniques in clustering and load balancing
• Supports both traditional and IP-based signaling and provides simultaneous multi-protocol support (ANSI/GSM/IP/IMS) in a single, logical system
• Enables traditional “store and forward” as well as “forward and store” functionality, alleviating 70 to 90 percent of queued messages, further extending the life of your investment and increasing delivery speed
• Includes an advanced throttling function to control load and prioritize traffic distribution across the network, which means that application-originated traffic does not have to lower the quality of service for person-to-person messaging and other services
• SMSC provides efficient delivery of person-to-person and application-to-person short messages for SMEs such as mobile users, ESME users, and Email users.
• SMSC is a fully redundant, fault tolerant, scalable carrier grade platform.
• Proven 3rd generation messaging product to support multiple networks i.e. CDMA, GSM, UMTS, LTE and IMS.
• We offers flexible business model for deployment of SMSC, based on the Operator requirements.
• Enhanced messaging service to support message types of various formats.
• Priority based messaging

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